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Sex and the Spidey

Broken Dynasty

featuring Aaron Blye, Barry Rosenblum, and Nick Henriquez

The boys from Miniature Giant join to do a movie, inspired by a lyric from the classic band Imagine Dragons.

Today’s guests are:

Aaron Blye! Find him on Twitter and Instagram

Barry Rosenblum! Find him at 88th Floor Improv

Nick Henriquez! Find him where you find Miniature Giant Comedy.


Featuring Alex Lohman, Heather Hilend, and Stu Rim

This week, Alex, Heather, and Stu join to talk about history, high school, and… milk.

Check out Alex’s other show, Hogwarts Radio! And find them on Twitter @hogwartsradio

Friends With Benefits

Featuring Kat Kenny, Nate Stubbs, and Stu Rim

Kathleen Kenny, Nathan Stubbs, and Stu Rim join to discuss movies, growing up religious, and youth businesses.

Friends With Benefits is a house team at Bob Carter's Actor's Workshop & Repertory Company in West Palm Beach. See all the shows and classes happening there at!

The Field Trip

With Sara Solano and Nick Henriquez

Guests Sara Solano and Nick Henriquez join your discuss strange bodily fluid transplants, Boy Meets World, and what some unsupervised kids are getting into while the rest of their class is on a field trip.

Check out our friends Miami Heat Beat and also on Twitter for all your Miami Heat needs

And our other friends at Podswoggle! for all your wrestling needs

Spiders, Sauerkraut, and Sesame Street

With Billy Merritt, Anthony Francis, Barry Rosenblum, and Nick Henriquez

Recorded during the 2019 Palm Beach Improv Festival, this week's episode features Billy Merritt, Anthony Francis, Barry Rosenblum, and Nick Henriquez exploring holiday traditions, Florida town naming traditions, casinos for kids, and more!

Billy Merritt wrote a great improv book called Pirate Robot Ninja: An Improv Fable. You can get it here in paperback or Kindle editions. It's great!

Anthony Francis is the owner and operator of Improv U. Check their site for shows, classes, and info on the Palm Beach Improv Festival.

Barry Rosenblum is the owner and operator of 88th Floor Improv, offering classes in improv and sketch for the Jupiter Florida area.

Nick Henriquez had nothing to promote on this episode.

Grandmas and grandpas

With Aron Blye and Nick Henriquez

What kinds of things are appropriate to leave to your grandchildren?

Suits of Armor

With Nick Henriquez and Dallas Alexander

What lengths will people go to for baby name clearance? What happens when you want to make an intimidating suit of armor? Just how do parental advisory groups decide what movies are appropriate? We find out in this episode!

Good Dreams, Bad Dreams

With Dallas Alexander and Stu Rim

Stu Rim and Dallas Alexander join to discuss lucid dreams, pushy friends, and just what would happen if Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web joined the NFL

Beyoncé Baby

With Heather NH, Stu Rim, & Brian Suto

Heather Hilend, Stu Rim, and Brian Sut join to discuss scary movies, ASMR, parental clothing choices, and more!

A Bitte Divor

With Daddy’s Little Nest Egg

Friends Aaron Blye and Nick Henriquez join to chat and do scenes about Snapchat, bachelor parties, and confusing abbreviations. And a rousing game of Two Truths and a Lie???

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